Tablets for processing and softening water are widely used at special stations that improve its parameters. Unfortunately, water is usually rich in magnesium and calcium ions that make it more rigid. This adversely affects hydraulic systems, heating installations and all kinds of household appliances, leading to numerous faults. To avoid this, special preparations are used. We explain how salt pills work and why they are so important for the daily functioning of farms and enterprises.

The role of salt pills in water cleaning and softening
The role of salt tablets in improving water parameters is to replace magnesium ions and calcium sodium ions. In practice, this means that the water is processed and softened by means of the so-called soda cycle. During the action, salt pills are mixed with water, forming a regenerating solution, which purifies a layer with determinant for the formation of ionic sediments.

In this process, ion exchange resin plays an important role, or rather the cation exchange resin contained in salt tablets. This is a substance that fully ensures the replacement of already existing ions for harmless. As a result, the station remains clean and ready-to-eat water, and mennisks with undesirable ions fall into the sewer.
Water treatment and softening - Very similar processes occurring simultaneously. Their common goal is to save water from unwanted ions responsible for the accumulation of harmful deposits. However, these processes should not be confused with disinfection of water, that is, the removal of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

What visible effects can be obtained after using tablets?
The effect of salt pills can be expected immediately after their use. They are:

elimination of deposits accumulated in hydraulic and heating systems, which significantly improves the operation of devices, reduces the intensity of their failures and extends their service life,
No need to add salt for dishwasher,
Lack of precipitation formation in teapots, shower cabins, mixers and on tiles,
A significant reduction in the cost of purchasing chemicals to remove lime-plated plates and sludge.
In addition, salt pills, due to the absence of any mechanical substances, do not damage the treatment facilities. Have all the necessary tolerances confirming favorable and safe operation in accordance with the requirements.