The syndrome of the developmental development of the fetus (SZRP), which is also often referred to as the hypotrophy of the fetus is a process in which the size of the body of the future child is lagging behind the standard values ​​established as the norm on different weeks of pregnancy.
A number of symptoms observed about the future mother can talk about this syndrome. First of all, a gynecologist can say about the presence of a SZRP, suspecting insufficient sizes for a certain period. The height of the bottom of the uterus (VMS) is one of the main indicators, which is measured by the survey, since it can say that the body of the future child is not developing as it should be on this period. The size of the height of the uterus corresponds to the week of pregnancy, that is, on the twelfth week VMM is equal to twelve centimeters, etc.
What forms and degrees of SZRP exist.
SZPR includes two different forms.
The first form is symmetrical. With it there is a uniform delay in all parts of the child's body. The child's body is proportional, despite the insufficient development regarding the week.
The second form is asymmetric. It is the similar form of SZRP that there is an eighty incidents of the presence of a hundred syndrome. Most often, with this form, the fetal has a lag in the development of the sizes of the head, the pelvis, or the abdominal circumference.
The degree of lagging in development is divided into three types. In the first case, the fruit fell behind no more than two weeks. With a second degree - no more than four weeks. The third degree is the hardest - with it, the development of the child is lagging behind more than four weeks.
The main causes of SZRP.
First of all, household factors affect the presence of a child's lag in development. Very often, the syndrome is observed from those women who became pregnant in the first child very early - until seventeen years old, or late - after thirty-five. Also on the development of the fetus strongly affects the way of life of a woman, both during and before pregnancy.
Other factors of the occurrence of the syndrome can be any pathology of the internal organs of a woman, or the presence of chronic diseases.
Prevention SZRP.
In order to minimize the risks of the occurrence of SZRP, a woman needs to be carefully prepared for future pregnancy. To do this, it is recommended to maximize all possible diseases, including chronic. Obligation of the oral cavity is required, since the caries in many cases cause infection in the mother's body, which negatively affects the development of the child. Кроме того, букмекерская контора имеет еще один портал, но уже в зоне .com, которая является офшорной, поэтому доступ туда возможен только через mosbet Букмекерские конторы Узбекистана с тотализатором Для любителей спорта есть несколько возможностей, как при помощи умения анализировать матчи выигрывать деньги