Shadow Tactics: Blades of Shogun includes everything you need to play without hinders. Inside you will find tips such as the gameplay, control elements or descriptions of game characters and their skills. The main section of our leadership contains a detailed description of all missions, which allows you to easily cope with all opponents and complete the tasks of the mission. In addition, the leadership includes tips for collecting additional icons and completing tasks.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is a tactical game in real time. You will lead a small group of warriors with unique individual abilities. In addition, at any time you can look at the entire area of ​​the map and find out the current interests of the enemy. The enemy will always have an advantage of the number, and some of them will be especially flexible, demanding the correct tactics to defeat them. Open battle is also not discussed in most cases, as this will cause anxiety. Anxiety, in turn, will attract the attention of all enemies on the map, and then some, easily suppressing your team.

The game draws inspiration, and in peaks, from names such as Commandos, Desperados or Robin Hood: Legend of Sherwood. The game is quite demanding, and the player must carefully monitor his environment. He encourages the patient’s planning, careful observation and skillful use of his environment. The completion of the game on the usual complexity should take about 20-30 hours, depending on the preferred style of the game and the player's experience.

Interface and key combinations

The game interface is very simple and intuitive. You will get used to all its elements as soon as possible. The description of the shadow mode can be found in the following chapters, since this element is closely related to the gameplay.

The main menu, quick conservation and fast loading of parameters;

A timer showing how much time it passed from the moment the game was preserved, regardless of whether it was quick or complex preservation (the timer can be turned off);

A map showing you the positions of your people, enemies and goals;

Here you will find a minicart, buttons that allow you to change the appearance, shortcuts of the magazine, as well as the ability to distinguish enemies and interactive elements on the map.

The panel of the actions of your active character. Each action has an assigned hot key. On the left is the switching button and the interaction key (for example, use the lever or raise the body);

A complete list of your agents for the mission, along with their levels of health. You can also bring the cursor to the portrait of the character to get a brief summary of his abilities if you forgot (can they swim, move bodies, etc.); to raise good money. And personally, I prefer to use mosbet where you can very quickly and easily start receiving