Hutrope 30ME (Hubiopharm) is a recombinant growth hormone synthesized using genetic engineering technologies. Produced by the world leader in pharmaceutical preparation development the pharmaceutical company Hubiopharm. In medicine it is used in the treatment of hereditary diseases, accompanied by a decrease in the synthesis of endogenous growth hormone. In sports it is used as an anabolic agent and a lipolysis catalyst.

Due to the complex effect on mineral, carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, Hutrope stimulates muscle growth, accelerates the fat-burning properties, increases locomotor tolerance to stress, helps prevent injuries and accelerates rehabilitation after surgery and injuries.

  1. Hutrope: mechanism of action on muscle and adipose tissue
  2. Hutrope Effects
  3. Key effects in sports
  4. Changes at the cellular and tissue level are manifested by the following effects
  5. Application of the Hutrope HGH cycle
  6. Benefits of Hutrope
  7. How to administrate Hutrope
  8. Composition
  9. Hutrope: mechanism of action on muscle and adipose tissue.

The anabolic effect of Hutrope is realized with the participation of an insulinlike growth factor. Hutrope enhances the synthesis of IGF-1 in liver. IGF-1 joins the bloodstream and reaches muscle tissue where it interacts with specific receptors of muscle cells and semi-stem myosatellites. The activation of these receptors leads to the stimulation of anabolic processes. The synthesis of muscle protein is enhanced, the division, growth and differentiation of satellite cells begins.

Hutrop's lipolytic action is carried out without the participation of intermediaries. The growth hormone molecule binds to a trans-membrane receptor on the surface of the fat cell. Activation of the receptor leads to increased lipolysis - the breakdown of large triglyceride molecules with the release of fatty acids. At the same time, the accumulation of fat in the visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissue slows down.

Modeling carbohydrate metabolism contributes to an increase in the effectiveness of formative courses. Growth hormone reduces glucose uptake by the muscles. During the HGH cycle muscle fibers actively use fatty acids as fuel, which allows to completely utilize fats joining the bloodstream from adipose tissue.

2. Hutrope Effects:

The popularity of growth hormone in sports is due to its powerful anabolic and lipolytic potential. Studies have shown that under the influence of somatotropic hormone, lipolysis processes are enhanced not only in the subcutaneous fatty tissue, but also in the visceral fatty tissue surrounding the internal organs. On the course of growth hormone, an improvement in the lipid profile of the blood is observed.

The anabolic effect is achieved through hypertrophy and hyperplasia of muscle tissue. During the Hutrope cycle the rate of synthesis of contractile proteins increases, semi-stem cells are activated, which, after growth and differentiation merge with the existing muscle fibers. This leads to an increase in the cross-sectional area, the volume of muscle fibers and the number of nuclei, which, in turn, increases the synthesis of proteins that form actin and myosin filaments.


3. Key effects in sports:

Increase in volume and mass of skeletal muscles;

Decrease in the percentage of visceral and subcutaneous fat;

Development of peak strength, increased endurance;

Improving body composition;

Enhancing muscle depth and definition.

In strength sports, the effect of growth hormone on cartilage, joints, tendons and ligaments, as well as bone tissue is highly valued. Hutrope boosts the metabolic activity of cartilage tissue, stimulates the proliferation of partially determined chondrogenic cells, accelerates the formation of new cellular elements (chondroblasts, chondrocytes) and the synthesis of extracellular matrix components.

4.Changes at the cellular and tissue level are manifested by the following effects:

Reducing pain in joints, tendons, ligaments;

Increasing the resistance of locomotor to static and dynamic loads of the training process;

Prevention of injuries;

Acceleration of reparative regeneration and recovery from damage;

Increased range of motion in the joints;

Prevention of dystrophic and degenerative changes in joints and tendons.

The effect of growth hormone on bones is of great importance for the fair sex. Hutrope enhances the mineralization of the organic matrix of the bone, increases its mineral density, prevents the development of osteoporosis and pathological fractures. In addition, growth hormone has a rejuvenating effect, helps to strengthen hair and nails, and significantly improves skin condition.

5.Hutrope HGH cycle application:

Training cycles for mass gain and the development of strength indicators;

Preparation for performances at competitions;

Slimming, cutting, muscle definition;

Prevention of injuries, osteoporosis, degenerative joint diseases;

Forcing recovery from sports injuries.

6. Benefits of Hutrope:

Muscle growth without subsequent rollback after the cycle;

Post cycle therapy is not needed;

Hutrope does not affect the production of sex hormones;

There is no risk of side effects inherent in steroid cycles.

7. How to administer Hutrope:

Hutrope is produced in the form of a ready-made, pre-filled pen. The pre-filled pen contains a ready-to-use solution of growth hormone, which makes the HGH very convenient to use. After opening and starting to use the pen, the HGH can be stored at room temperature for up to four weeks (it is advisable to store it in refrigerator).

8. Composition:

1 pre-filled pen contains 30 IUs of somatropin (10 mg)

Other ingredients: glycine, histidine, poloxamer 188, water for injection, sodium hydroxide.

Recommended dosage: 5-6 IUs of GH daily. At the stage of muscle definition, cutting or losing weight it is advisable to reduce the daily dosage to 3-4 IUs. If the purpose of using Hutrope is to reduce joint pain and prevent sports injuries, the dose is reduced to 2-3 IUs and injections are given once every two days.

Storage conditions: In a dark place at a temperature of 2-8 ° C (do not freeze)

Expiration date: 2 years

Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Check with your doctor before use.