In just a couple of recent years, prefabricated houses have rapidly become popular in our country. Practical and comfortable, no worse than brick masonry, they became a symbol of economy. After all, it is necessary to agree that for many compatriots, the construction of their own housing is associated with high costs for building materials, as well as the complexity of the works.

Against this background, the construction of prefabricated objects has become the best solution. Three main properties can be distinguished, which differs like this construction of residential buildings:

- efficiency. A small cottage or a two-story building area of ​​150 m2, for example, can be built in 10-14 days;

- saving. On reducing the cost of building materials, you can save up to 60% compared to the usual construction of a brick house or panels;

- Reliability. Despite the simplicity of the design, with proper assembly, such houses can no additional repairs and prevention to sleep for many decades.

The construction of such housing includes metal frame, non-removable formwork or sandwich panel as walls. For their installation, neither cement is not required or other dry blends. All prefabricated houses are mounted through the use of welding seam or ordinary bolts. This circumstance is of great importance. For example, if only because it is possible to build housing such a class not only mainly in the summer, but in any season.

Since the design for quick-scale housing is light, then the foundation may be the easiest. This is another way to reduce the cost and simplify the construction process. The exception is the cottages in the 3rd floors, which creates high pressure. Another advantage of such housing is a convenient and operational laying of engineering networks, including heating.

Already proven fact that prefabricated buildings are 5 times warmer than ordinary brick houses. To date, the construction of residential buildings on operational technology is rapidly gaining momentum and popularity. They can be installed in almost any region of Russia. If necessary, the house can also be quickly disassembled.

Such housing is beneficial in cases where it is about the absence of large funds, if it is impossible to adjust heavy equipment to the construction site, as well as if the area conditions do not allow the rapid installation of engineering networks and life support systems. O site da empresa de apostas está localizado em