A working resume is easy!

Find out how to get your hands on a working resume and cover letter for a successful interview invitation!

It is known that an invitation to an interview is provided mainly through a well-written resume and a cover letter. If you can't get to an interview and get the job you want, it's because:

  • Your resume cannot attract the employer's attention and make him read the text, and after reading it, invite you for an interview;
  • the key points of the resume are not able to ensure the interest of the potential employer in your person, as a result of which he throws out the resume without calling you, and no longer considers you as a worthy candidate;
  • the advantages that you have in comparison with other candidates are poorly described, or not described at all, as a result of which the employer sees absolutely no reason to invite you and naturally does not do it;
  • the text of the resume and cover letter has little or no effect on the employer, is not able to spark interest in him and the desire to invite you for an interview;
  • your resume is perceived poorly by the employer, because it is written in a language that they do not understand or is presented in a form that is not easy to read, which is why
  • you miss out on lucrative job offers;

Sound familiar? Painfully familiar.

"What to do? How to put the situation in order so that your resume will finally begin to perform its function normally and provide you with invitations for an interview?! "

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