It happens that a person experiencing sharp pain in the abdomen, flows into the state of light panic: "What if it is appendicitis?" And the convulsive searches of this very mysterious and disturbing body imagination begin. That's just where the search should be kept - it is not very clear, because it's no secret that many people simply do not know what appendicitis is. Where to look for appendicitis and what does he represent?

Where is Appendiles

To begin, it should be clearly understood that such an authority - appendicitis - in the human body simply ... no. Appendicitis is an inflammatory disease of a small black-shaped process adjacent to the blind intestine, the so-called appendix. Inflammation is applied in the area where, in fact, appendix is ​​located. Therefore, on the household level, and in medical circles has long been a generally accepted practice to be limited to one concept of "appendicitis", with the definition of the place where it is located.

An approximate location of appendix is ​​called the right lower part of the abdomen. More specifically - the right permanent cavity department, that is, at the bottom of the right side. This worm-shaped process has a length of approximately five to seventeen centimeters, and a thickness of about one centimeter.

Sometimes the location of the appendix varies slightly depending on its own length and the length of the film attaching it - mesenter.

For which this process is intended, it is still not clarified. Scientists suggest that with the help of Appendix, the intestine is protected from all sorts of bacteria. According to another version, Appendix is ​​considered a rudimentary body, that is, its initial significance is lost due to evolution.

The reasons for the occurrence of appendicitis are still unknown. The disease itself requires immediate surgery, that is, operations. The fact is that acute appendicitis has a rapid flow, passing the basic stages: catarrhal, purulent, phlegmonous. Following this, the process can burst, which will lead to sad consequences.

Therefore, if pain of a blunt character appeared at the top of the abdomen, which in a few hours are localized in the right side, in the right iliac region, then this can be considered a characteristic sign of the beginning of acute appendicitis. In addition, the rise and nausea with vomiting can be considered important features. So, you should immediately consult a doctor, without waiting for the development of the disease, which is happening very quickly. Рабочее зеркало прямо сейчас