Dating American women is worth it!

Nowadays, you don’t have to live in the USA to start dating American women - online dating has become a popular and powerful tool that unites lonely hearts and allows everyone to find love wherever they are from. On the other hand, online dating is just an opportunity to meet an attractive single woman, but not to win her heart - the whole dating process is still a tricky thing, so you need to know more about American women, their tastes, dating customs and traditions, to build your relationships successfully. Dating an American woman is not rocket science - so you’ll definitely figure it out with the help of some useful information that we’re glad to present to you.

Almost every man interested in how to date an American woman knows that these ladies tend to be pretty demanding, free-spirited, and independent. Of course, not every single American woman suits this description completely: this country is huge and has millions of women with different tastes, views, and interests, so everyone can meet a suitable partner. Whether you’re a conservative man who wants to have a traditional family and kids, or a liberal modern man who wants an equal and pretty independent partner - America has a suitable person for you. Also, the USA is well-known for being a country that was build by immigrants, so American single women dating non-American partners is a pretty common thing there.

To understand that to expect from your future American partner, let’s learn more about the common traits of many American women:

  • Americans tend to be pretty direct, so they expect the same attitude from their potential partners. While some foreigners assume that Americans communicate only through smiling, small-talks and sugar-coating, it’s not true: everyone wants their partner to be honest and reliable, so it’s better to discuss different aspects of your life and potential relationships in advance to avoid disappointment and misunderstanding. Therefore, don’t try to date American women while being married, don’t hide your views on relationships and families, and don’t try to pretend someone you’re not - these things won’t help you to start dating American women, and even if they do, then your relationships will collapse like a house of cards quickly;
  • While lots of Americans criticize their politics and some events happening in their country, most of them are actually very patriotic, so they can’t stand foreigners criticizing and scolding their country. Therefore, stay away from politics: the chances are your woman is neither interested nor competent to discuss it, and even if she is, then she definitely won’t like the things you will say. Once again - if you’re not American, then stay away from criticism, and concentrate on other topics to discuss instead;
  • American lifestyle isn’t perfect for everyone: lots of countries mock the way Americans eat and behave, they dislike lots of things and media produced in the USA, or even scold lots of American ideals because they’re “too naive”, “unrealistic” or “silly”. Don’t try to impose your views on your woman, and don’t try to change her perspective, and definitely don’t make fun of her beliefs or ideals - it won’t get you anywhere. For some people, Americans seem to believe in unrealistic ideals, but don’t try to ruin your girlfriend’s aspirations and beliefs - some local people are real dreamers and idealists, so your words can break her heart and ruin your chances with her;
  • Some men might associate some American women with gold diggers - but in reality, lots of non-American men interested in online dating American women, can become ones, because they expect their American girlfriends to support them financially and help them to move to the USA. While it’s generally a good thing to help your partner and support them, most American women dislike the idea of working a full-day job to make money for herself and for her partner: even the most progressive women prefer both partners working equally, and most women would rather become housewives than breadwinners. If you dream of moving to the USA one day, then don’t expect your local girlfriend to send you tons of money or cover all your financial needs - these women don’t want to be used by men. Also, a man who can’t financially support himself won’t probably become a reliable partner in the future, so lots of women prefer not to deal with such men at all;
  • Like most women, Americans love strong and protective men - but it doesn't always mean what you might think it is. For most American women, strong men aren’t these overly masculine and brutal males who never show their emotions and behave rudely and patronizing - in general, lots of local women dislike men who have very patriarchal views and try to impose them. So, what a strong man is like in the eyes of the Americans? First, American women love supportive, honest, and mentally stable man who aren't afraid of making decisions and are ready to face the consequences. Secondly, they love men who know their emotions and feelings and aren’t afraid to demonstrate them - especially while talking to their girlfriends and wives, because it’s difficult to be around very secretive and reserved men who don’t share their real thoughts and views. In fact, being able to show real feelings without being scared to be seen as a “not masculine enough man” makes men even more attractive in the eyes of most women;
  • Lots of modern women use social networks and platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok a lot, so they love taking photos and making videos - it’s a popular hobby not only in the USA but also abroad, It doesn’t automatically mean that American women are shallow or superficial: though these services actually make lots of people insecure because of the constant comparisons, it doesn’t mean that dating American women is not real or only made for new Instagram posts. Ladies from the USA have all the same interests, values, and hopes as other women in the world: they want to have strong and healthy relationships and create great families in the future, so you can create a great couple together!