Cabergoline is a substance that inhibits prolactin production. It helps to normalize hormonal levels, which can change in athletes due to a large amount of training and the use of steroids.

Appearing on the US market in the 1980s, cabergoline immediately became the sales leader in the sports drug industry. The most popular brand that produces this substance is called Dostinex.

Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, and many other countries choose this particular brand, since it is this company that produces the highest quality cabergoline, which is indispensable in bodybuilding.

How does cabergoline work? It activates D2 receptors located on pituitary lactotrophic cells. Excitation of dopamine receptors in this zone reduces the secretory function of prolactin-producing cells. It also interacts with many other receptors, which has a positive effect on many aspects of human life.

Features of the use of cabergoline

If the intake of cabergoline is performed in parallel with the use of progestins, then the dosage is next - 0.25 milligrams once every 4 days (with an increased level of prolactin once every 2 days). In addition, in such a situation, the remedy helps to relieve swelling from the muscles and face, the fluid retention in the tissues is significantly reduced, which increases the growth of dry muscles.

Cabergoline can be used without drugs with progestational activity, which improves the quality of life and results after completing the course. In this case, the dosage is as follows - 0.5 milligrams once every ten days.

Some athletes want to improve their performance without resorting to AAC. The drug can help them too. However, it should be borne in mind that for these purposes it is necessary to significantly reduce the dosage.

A common mistake is too much decrease in prolactin. This leads to sleep disturbances, poor mood, poor appetite, or even reduced immunity. To recover from this, it is necessary to stop taking the drug for a while, sometimes for a long time (wait until it stops acting), then reduce the frequency of administration and reduce the dosage.