There are a lot of interesting promotions in the 1xbet betting shop today, within the framework of which various bonuses and offers are available to players. With their help, players get the opportunity to increase their chances of winning. Thanks to the bonuses, the gameplay becomes more dynamic and exciting.

1xBet Promo Code


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The bonus program of the 1xBet bookmaker is constantly updated. Against the background of permanent promotions, new offers appear in the office. However, almost all players, one way or another, start with 1xBet promo codes. Then promotional bonuses are already used, which can benefit players at some certain point in the gameplay.

1xBet promo code 2024: Gift2x is a bonus code that gives an increased bonus of 130% if used when registering with a bookmaker !

Having received the bonus code at his disposal, the player can use it when creating an account on the website of the 1xBet bookmaker. And only during registration. The main bonus available through the promo code is an extra charge to the bookmaker's welcome bonus, which a new client expects to receive. The surcharge is quite substantial and amounts to 130% of the amount of the main bonus that the client receives after registering at the office.

No matter which type of bonus is most often used for betting in 1xBet, each of the offers is interesting in its own way. Some players prefer to work with bonuses provided by the bookmaker through promo codes. Other clients are more focused on permanent promotions, trying to get certain advantages for betting in a larger volume.

Given that there are quite a lot of 1xBet promo codes and they are all designed for specific purposes, there is a procedure for using codes. In some cases, players need to apply the bonus code during registration and only as prescribed by the instructions. Bonuses are activated automatically after the conditions are met. 

1xBet promo code free: Gift2x - gives a $130 bonus upon registration, and also increases the welcome bonus from 100% to 130%.

In other cases, promo codes need to be activated directly by the players themselves. You can do this at any time of the gameplay, adhering to the established order and time frame.

Activation of bonus codes is carried out through your personal account. Next, the player needs to fulfill all the conditions to get the appropriate bonus. Similarly, there is a wagering of bonuses, which is necessarily prescribed in the terms of the promotion.

What is a 1xbet promo code?

The 1xbet promo code is: Gift2x. It can be used to claim a 130% bonus on your first deposit, up to a maximum of €/$130. This is the code that was released by 1xbet betting company as part of a special promotion. The main purpose of the promo code is to provide players who use it with some bonuses or additional preferences. Bonuses can be received by all categories of players, starting with those who are just going to register and become a regular customer of the office, and those players who place bets in 1xBet on a regular basis.

Due to the fact that promo codes are the key to bonuses, they are also commonly called bonus codes. The codes look like a combination of symbols, letters and numbers, in combination with which the access code to the bonuses is encrypted. 

The code combination is unique. The bonus code is never repeated and remains relevant for use within the allotted time period and under specific conditions.

The most widespread promo codes are 1xbet, which are designed for mass use during registration in the office. This type of bonus codes is used as a motivation tool and is aimed at potential customers. With their help, users receive some preferences during the subsequent registration at the bookmaker.

For registration in the office, the codes are available to everyone, without restrictions. However, you can use such an offer only once, when creating a new account. 

In all other cases, such bonus codes do not work, nor can they be reused.

Another thing is the promo codes that regular customers of the 1xbet bookmaker work with already during the game.  This type of bonus codes performs other functions. By receiving them already during the game, customers can significantly increase their gaming potential, get access to larger bonuses through promo codes.

Such codes are also issued as part of the bookmaker's special promotions, but they are of an individual nature and are provided to players under certain conditions.

If we are talking about promo codes that players receive already during the game, the format of the bonuses provided may be different. The main bonus that a promo code can give a player is a free bet. Less often, through promo codes, players receive other preferences from the bookmaker in the form of a safety bet, an increased percentage of cashback, and the opportunity to make a bet in advance.

Such bonus codes are available to regular customers regularly. As for the conditions for receiving and the format of bonuses, they are always different, depending on the status of the client and the game situation.

Where to get 1xbet promo codes?

For beginners who are just going to place their bets at the 1xbet bookmaker, promo codes are available on the Internet. As a rule, current bonus codes are published freely on thematic portals and partner resources that disseminate information about the activities of the bookmaker.

Promo code 1xBet for today: Gift2x this code must be entered when registering an account, it activates an increased first deposit bonus of up to 130%, using a promo code you will receive a bonus of up to $130.

It is through these sources that bonus codes are distributed, intended for use during subsequent registration. The main purpose of such publications is to motivate players to create an account. As a reward for the actions taken, players receive additional bonuses through promo codes.   

Less often, the distribution of current promo codes is carried out through the pages of bookmakers and partners in social networks, through Telegram channels and other messengers. 

Another category of bonus codes through which you can get additional bonuses is distributed by the bookmaker. The 1xbet office practices a system of rewards for its customers through promo codes. Offers can be received as part of promotions or provided on an individual basis. 

In addition to bonus codes from the Internet and those provided by the bookmaker as gifts or incentives, there is another type of promo codes that players can receive at any time. We are talking about codes that are regularly published on the bookmaker's website in the section "Showcase of promo codes". Thanks to this permanent promotion, various bonuses and preferences are available to players through the "Showcase of promo codes" on a permanent basis.

To participate in the promotion, a player needs to be a member of the bookmaker's loyalty program, have a certain number of promo points on his account, which can be used to pay for promo codes from the "Promo Code Showcase".

What bonuses are available through 1xbet promo codes?

The user can get his first 1xBet promo code even before registering at the office. It is important to remember that all promo codes distributed by the bookmaker are a free offer for players.

1xBet promo code for the bonus: Gift2x enter the code when registering, top up your account from $1 and get a 130% bonus (up to $130). According to the terms of the promotion, the welcome bonus in the 1xBet office is 100% of the size of the first deposit, but should not exceed the amount of $100. When using a promo code, the welcome bonus increases by 30%. If a player has made a first deposit of $10, he is entitled to $13 as a welcome bonus. If the account has been replenished by $ 100, the amount of the main bonus will already be $130.

For reference! During registration, the player must choose the type of welcome bonus. The office has a special offer for fans of sports betting and for those who register at 1xbet casino. Accordingly, each of the variants of the welcome bonus provides for the use of its own promo code, either for the sports section or for gambling.

In order to win back the bonuses provided as a bonus, it is necessary to fulfill the wagering conditions set for the main bonus.

Promo code 1xBet at registration

To begin with, let's consider the option with a promo code that you need to use to register with 1xBet. A future client of the office can get it for free. It is important that the code is up-to-date and intended specifically for the registration procedure.

The current 1xBet promo code for getting a bonus is only one, this is: Gift2x only for it you will receive a $130 bonus, all other codes are not valid and do not give such a bonus. Use a 1xBet promo code when registering and you will receive the maximum bonus.

The player who has the copied code in his hands needs to go to the official website of the 1xbet bookmaker and proceed with registration. The "Register" button is located in the upper right corner. After clicking on it, a new registration window opens. The player's subsequent actions are described in detail in the following instructions:

Step one! Choose the registration method. Players are given four options to choose from: - Registration in 1 click;

- registration via a mobile phone number;

- registration by e-mail;

- registration via social media accounts.

Step two! We make a choice in favor of a welcome bonus, for sports betting or for a casino. Accordingly, the promo code should also be focused on a certain type of welcome bonus.

Step three! We proceed directly in the registration procedure using one of the selected methods.

  • Option one: 

Registration in 1 click. This option assumes the easiest and fastest way to create an account in the 1xbet office. The player is only required to specify the country in which he resides, choose the game currency. You need to paste the copied promo code into a special form. 

After authorization, the ID number will be available to the player. Login to the personal account is carried out through a password created by the system. In the future, the password can be changed using the settings in your personal profile. After registration, the player can make a deposit and start betting. In order for the welcome bonus to work together with the promo code, the new client of the bookmaker must fill in all the fields in his personal profile, pass verification.

  • Option two:

Account registration by mobile phone number. This time, in addition to the country of residence and the currency of the account, the client needs to specify his mobile phone number. There is also a form in which you need to insert the copied promo code 1xbet.

Authorization is carried out after confirmation of the mobile phone number via an SMS code.

As in the first case, the system generates the login password itself. After logging in to the personal account, the player can start betting. To use the full functionality of the bookmaker after registration, you also need to fill out a questionnaire in your personal profile. 

  • Option three and the most complete:

Registration via the client's email address. This method involves the most complete procedure, during which you need to specify more data and information. 

The client needs to specify the country, region and locality. Next, you need to specify your first and last name, game currency, enter your email and specify your phone number.

Completes the registration procedure by creating a password that must be entered twice. Also, if there is a code, enter it in the appropriate form.

Authorization is carried out after clicking on the link that will be sent to the player at the specified email address. As soon as the registration is over, the players have at their disposal a game account for deposits, a welcome bonus. For full access to the functionality, it remains only to pass verification.

  • The fourth option:

Registration via social media accounts. In this case, the player simply selects the logo of the corresponding social network in which he has a registered account. Then all the client's data is copied from the current account in the social network. The player receives a valid password and login to his email address. 

The only forms that the player needs to fill out are the country of residence, the currency of the game account. When registering via social networks, the 1xBet promo code is not used.

After the account is authorized, the player can start betting, but for the subsequent withdrawal of funds, the player will have to pass verification.

Step four! In all four cases, after filling out the registration forms, the player needs to click the "Register" button. By clicking the button, the client agrees by default with the rules of the bookmaker, with the privacy policy, confirms his age of majority.

1xbet account verification

Depending on the chosen method of registration, the completeness of the client's access to the functionality of the gaming portal depends. The more information a player has provided about himself during registration, the easier it is to pass the subsequent verification.

Account verification is mandatory, during which the client's data is checked for compliance with the information specified in the identity card.

As a rule, the need for verification arises at the first attempt to withdraw funds from the account. To pass the verification, the player must provide copies of the passport pages to the technical verification service.

What should I do after registering with the 1xBet welcome bonus?

If the player, during registration, has given his consent to participate in the "Welcome bonus for 1 deposit" promotion, in order to receive the bonus, you must perform the following actions:

  • fill in the fields with personal data in your personal profile;
  • make a deposit within the established limit in the amount of at least $1.

The size of the welcome bonus depends on the size of the deposit. The larger the deposit amount, the bigger the bonus. According to the terms of the promotion, the welcome bonus is 100% of the amount credited to the game account, but not more than $ 100.

In the case when the 1xBet promo code was used by the player during registration, the size of the welcome bonus is already 130% of the amount of the first deposit.

Recall! The welcome bonus is available only to new customers who have registered, and is credited to the bonus account automatically immediately after the first replenishment of the account. The promo code only works with the welcome bonus and only for a new account.

Conditions for wagering the 1xbet welcome bonus

In order to use the bonus for sports betting, the client must put the entire amount of bonuses in a 5-fold amount on the express. There may be several bets, but the minimum number of events in the express must be at least 3. For all events in the express, the coefficients must be at least 1.40.

Until the wagering conditions are met, any withdrawal of funds from the account is impossible. The "Welcome Bonus" promotion is valid only independently. It is not allowed to use welcome bonuses in combination with other promotional offers. 

In the same format, both the main bonuses and the surcharge that is due when using the promo code are won back. 

Only after the bonuses are wagered, the profit received goes to the game account.

How to use the "Promo Code Showcase"?

In addition to promo codes that are available to players on the Internet and which can only be used during registration, 1xBet bookmaker gives players the right to receive bonus codes themselves. It is for this purpose that there is a special section "Showcase of promo codes" on the office's website. 

To get access to the section and take advantage of current offers, players need to register. The terms of use of the "Showcase" are as follows:

  • active gaming activity, which is encouraged by promo points;
  • go to the section, select a promo code according to the priority;
  • promo codes for the sports section have denominations of no more than 50 points;
  • exchange the promo code for promo points in accordance with the nominal value.

Promo points are credited to a special account daily, taking into account the client's gaming activity. The more often a player makes bets, deposits money to the account, the more points. You can find out the exact number of promo points after in the "Promo Code Showcase" via the "request promo points" option.

You can change points only if you have at least 100 points on your account. You can activate the received bonus when paying a future bet.

Bonuses available to players in the "Promo Code Showcase"?

Through 1xBet promo codes, which are available to players on the "Promo Code Showcase", players can receive the following bonuses:

  • free bet (ordinary) on any event. The coefficient to the outcome is not less than 1.80;
  • free bet on an express consisting of 3 events. Event coefficients must be at least 1.80;
  • free bet on cyber football. Coefficients not lower than 1.80;
  • free bet on ordinaries in tennis, football, hockey, basketball, volleyball;
  • free bet on football, hockey, basketball and volleyball express trains;
  • free bets on esports.

As you can see, the number of promo codes that players can get through the "Showcase" is sufficient to use them to increase their gaming potential. Each bonus through a promo code is wagered in accordance with the order of wagering.

Other 1xBet promo codes available as part of the promotion 2024

Along with the promo codes that players receive via the Internet or purchase in the "Promo Code Showcase", bonus codes are available in 1xBet betting shop in other ways.

For example! The office offers players to take part in the Race Race. The essence of the offer is that the bookmaker provides free bet promo codes to players who regularly place bets for a certain time period of 30 days as an incentive.

The longer the client plays, making express bets, the greater the amount of the free bet. The minimum amount of the free bet is $5 and is provided for 5 days of continuous bets. The maximum amount of the free bet is $50 for bets placed over 30 days.

Promo codes as a gift 2024

Along with 1xBet promo codes, which are provided on a regular basis within the framework of existing promotions and through the "promo code showcase", the bookmaker makes similar offers to players individually. 

You can get a promo code in the form of a freebet on the client's Birthday or as a reward for active gaming activities (regular bets on large amounts, regular deposits for large amounts).

In each individual case, bonuses are provided under certain conditions, with or without wagering.

1xBet promotions and bonuses 2024

1xbet promo codes are only part of the bookmaker's bonus program. Moreover, in most cases promo codes are used as motivation of players for subsequent active actions. The bonuses that players receive through bonus codes are small in size, so it is rarely possible to seriously improve their financial condition at their expense.

The main focus of the bonus program is on promotions, during which players receive substantial bonus amounts and freebets for a large amount. Thanks to these promotions, players can count on a significant increase in their gaming potential.

The main promotions that currently operate in the 1xBet bookmaker are as follows:

"Happy Friday." The participants of this promotion are the bookmaker's clients who made a deposit on Friday. The minimum deposit amount is from $1. As for the bonus amount, it is 100% of the deposit amount. The maximum bonus is $100.

The bonuses provided must be used for express trains with odds to outcomes of at least 1.40. The wager for this amount is x3. 

"Wednesday x2" or the "Re-deposit" promotion. The participants of this promotion are the bookmaker's clients who previously participated in the "Happy Friday" promotion and made 5 bets with odds from 1.40 up to this point. 

As a reward for participating in the "Happy Friday" promotion, the bookmaker increases the deposit made on Wednesday twice. The maximum amount of bonuses under the terms of this promotion does not exceed $100.

You need to win back the bonuses provided on express trains in a 3-fold amount. The coefficients for the events in the express must be at least 1.40.

The "Happy Friday" and "Wednesday x2" promotions are permanent promotions within which players can receive bonus funds from the bookmaker for a long time. However, in addition to these promotions, other bonuses are available to customers in the bookmaker:

cashback of 10% of the deposit amount. To get such a bonus, the player needs to top up his gaming account in the amount of at least $1 via Internet banking. 

The refund amount should be used for betting express trains made up of events in the Live or pre-match line. The number of events in the express train is at least 4, but the coefficients to the events should be at least 1.60.

a bonus in the form of a confidence bet. The bookmaker provides an opportunity to place bets in advance for its most active customers who regularly place bets. The main condition for obtaining a confidence bet is that the players have not calculated bets.
"Express of the day". The bookmaker gives players the opportunity to bet on the express, the most acceptable option is selected from among the express trains compiled by the analysts of the office. Play the aviator game on the website there are even signals and strategies of the game so that you always win.

If the express bet is played, the player receives winnings taking into account the total coefficient increased by 10%.

In addition to promotions and bonuses, 1xbet bookmaker has a number of other interesting offers, such as the Champions League, Grand Slam tournaments, Formula 1 races. With the help of these promotions, players can not only diversify their gameplay, but also achieve positive results in the game. Play the Aviator game for free on the website you can get bonuses upon registration.

1xBet betting company

Before registering with 1xBet, before making a deposit and receiving bonuses, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the official information about the bookmaker's activities. 

Basic information about the bookmaker, including contact methods, is located in the "About Us" section, which is located at the bottom of the official website.

Here at the bottom of the site is the "Useful" section, which contains the rules of the bookmaker. 

The bookmaker operates on the interactive sports betting market on the basis of the international license 1668/JAZ issued by the Commission under the Government of Curacao.  The offshore status of the Regulator imposes some restrictions on the availability of the bookmaker's gaming platform in some jurisdictions.

1xBet FAQ

How can I check the relevance of the 1xbet promo code?

To check the relevance of the 1xbet promo code, the player must log in to his account. Using the settings, you need to enter the "promo code verification" section and enter the copied combination.

Where can I find the 1xbet promo code?

Current 1xBet promo codes are distributed on the Internet through partner resources, through social networks, through popular bloggers. Regular customers of the office can receive promo codes as a result of email mailing or through the "promo code showcase".

What bonuses does 1xBet promo codes give players?

Depending on the format of the promotion in which the promo code was issued, different types of bonuses are available to players. These can be additional bonus funds, free bet, advance bets, cashback.

How can I earn promo points in 1xBet?

1xbet bookmaker provides promo points as part of the loyalty program to encourage customers for active participation in the gaming process. You can get points for regular sports betting, express trains, for regular account replenishment and participation in bookmaker promotions.  

How to make a regular bet in 1xBet?

Select the event of interest in the Live line or in the pre-match, the corresponding outcome and click on the coefficient. After these actions, the event is entered into the coupon. The player has to make a choice in favor of the type of bet (ordinary, express or system) and pay the bet by clicking the "place a bet" button.

Is 1xBet registration available without a passport?

You can register with 1xBet without passport data, but in the future you will have to fill out a questionnaire in your personal account, indicating your first name, last name and date of birth. In the future, before the first withdrawal, verification will also have to be completed.

What do I need to do to get a welcome bonus in 1xbet?

To begin with, you need to register, agree to participate in the promotion, top up your gaming account within the established limit. After all the conditions are met, bonuses in the amount of 100% of the deposit amount will be credited to the bonus account.

What is a 1xBet free bet?

A free bet is a type of bonus that gives a player the opportunity to place a bet at the expense of a bookmaker. To win back the freebet, the player needs to pay his bet for the amount of the free bet. In case of a win, the client receives only profit to the gaming account, while the bet itself is canceled.

How many registration options are there in 1xBet?

There are four registration options in the 1xBet bookmaker:

- in 1 click;

- through a mobile phone number;

- via email address;

- through social media accounts.

How do I win back the welcome bonus in 1xBet?

After receiving the welcome bonus in 1xBet, the player needs to win it back within 30 days from the moment of registration. To win back, it is necessary to put the entire amount of bonuses on express trains in 5 times the amount. Odds to outcomes of at least 1.40.