Here is the preliminary schedule of WWSCC events for 2019 (more info will be coming soon on the Schedule page):


4-6   Sat.  UWFSAE  Dawg Dash at Shelton

5-26  Sun.  TS Over/Understeer at BMP

6-15  Sat.  BEAC Enduro at Shelton

7-6  Sat.  TS/BSCC Ladies Practice at BMP

7-27  Sat.  BEAC Autopilot at Shelton

8-10  Sat.  WWSCC Coneheads Practice at Shelton

8-11  Sun.  WWSCC Sports Car Spectacular at Shelton

9-21  Sat. (TBD) at Shelton

10-20 Sun. UWFSAE Dawgtoberfast at Shelton