The all-Council Sports Car Spectacular will be held Sunday August 14th at Sanderson Field in Shelton.  This is now event #7 in the 2016 Championship Series, so the run/work order looks like this:

    Run 1, Work 2: WSS, SA, WSB, SC, SD, WSE, SR, WPRO1, TOAM
    Run 2, Work 1: SS, WSA, SB, WSC, WSD, SE, WSR, PRO1, TOAM, WNOVAM, NOVAM
    Run 1, Work 2: WIA, WIB, WIC, MA, MB, PA, PB, PC, WOS, WST2, ST3, ST4, WPRO2, TOPM, WNOVPM, NOVPM
    Run 2, Work 1: IA, IB, IC, WM, WP, OS, ST2, WST3, WST4, PRO2, TOPM

Entry fee is $30 pre-registered, $35 day-of-event.  Pre-registration will be open until midnight Friday, August 12th. You can pre-register here.

On-site Registration hours are 7:30-8:30 and 11:30-12:30.