The combined NWR-SCCA / WWSCC / NWR-Solo banquet at Emerald Downs in Auburn went off pretty well for a first try at the concept.  The buffet dinner included tasty entrees (beef and chicken), rice pilaf, caesar salad, and an extensive veggie tray.  Kudos to organizers Scott Miller and Jill Snell for putting the event together.  Just under 100 autocrossers, racers, and administrators showed up to the first of what is hoped to be many of these combined motorsports year-end gatherings.

NWR Regional Exec John Taylor presented the major commemorative Northwest Region awards, including the following:

Stan Burnett Inspirational - Chuck Huffington

Mary Pang Unsung Hero - Tasha Mikko

Frank & Joan Manley Enthusiast - Kevin Dietz

Joe Henderson National Achievement - Ron Babb

After that the typical Solo and WWSCC year-end awards were presented in one part of the expansive Emerald Downs facility, and the NWR Race group gathered separately for their season award presentation. 

Full listings of the 2015 season standings may be found here (WWSCC) and here (NWR Solo).

Don't forget; WWSCC has two events scheduled for the Emerald Downs north parking lot, the first weekend in April.  More info here as it becomes available.