Chief of Tear Down Checklist






  Recruit Tear Down workers if you'd like to be proactive. Let the Chief of Workers know who you recruited.  



If you didn't recruit enough people before the event, check in with the Chief of Workers during PM registration and have him/her assign you some help.




Assign one of your workers to be in charge of picking up and bagging all garbage. Dispose of properly depending on arrangements made with the site owners.


Have workers pick up cones, red flags, fire extinguishers, registration supplies, scoreboard, bunting reels, loaner helmets, sawhorses, rope, garbage cans, etc. and return them to the supply vehicle.

  Pack the supply vehicle neatly and according to instructions provided by the club who rented it to you (or your own club). Be sure not to pack supplies that do not belong in the supply vehicle. For example, the Blue Box needs to be returned to the Insurance Focal. The WWSCC laptops need to be returned to Larry Carnahan or another Council designated person. If you're using the BEAC truck, the printer and AED can stay there (in a cabinet).  Any other equipment that was borrowed or rented needs to be returned to the owner. Check with the Event Chair and other Chiefs when in doubt.  

Clean out any garbage from the supply and timing vehicles.

  Make sure site is in good shape before you leave.