Data Entry Instructions

  1. If you have not used Scorekeeper before, have someone who knows it give you a quick tutorial.
  2. At the beginning of each run group, find the appropriate competitor in the database, or add the competitor's name, car make & model, class and number to the database. You can either look over the shoulder of the Timing Recorder, or wait until the times have been recorded for each person, and then do the entries.
  3. Enter times and penalties from the timing box and course control person OR from the timing cards.
  4. Be sure not to get the timing cards out of order or drop them. The times you enter are NOT official. The times that are written down on the timing cards by the Timing Recorder are the official times. You should do everything possible not to interfere with the Timing Recorder's job.
  5. Do not hold up timing for data entry. If you get behind, you can catch up later -- even after the run group is done if necessary.
  6. Check accuracy of data, name spellings, car makes & models, etc. if possible as you go.
  7. Do your best to enter accurate times and penalties. Accurate work will help auditing go more quickly, which means the trophy presentation can happen sooner.
  8. Check the laptop battery frequently and start the generator if it is running low. Start the generator before using the printer.
  9. Print the audit reports at the end of each run group. Have someone audit the entered times against the time cards. Make any corrections.
  10. At the end of the AM and PM sessions, make sure all entries are accurate. Print the final results report for the Event Chair for the Trophy Presentation.