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Western Washington Sports Car Council - WWSCC Time Recorder Instructions

Time Recorder Instructions

  1. The Time Recorder typically sits in the front passenger seat of the timing vehicle.
  2. Make sure you have more than one working pen, a clipboard, and some scratch paper, as well as the timing forms/cards for the first set of cars, before the first car runs.
  3. Coordinate communication with Penalty Call-in/Course Control. Make sure you understand their signals for clean runs, cones, gates, DNF's, etc. prior to the first car out for that session.
  4. Write legibly (even though some of our drivers don’t)!
  5. Look at the timing box for the time, and then write it down on the appropriate card. Do not rely on what the announcer is saying. It is your responsibility to make sure the recorded times are accurate.
  6. Be sure to write Scratch Time (displayed time, no penalties included) where indicated on the form.
  7. Write penalties clearly; if the timing form does not indicate whether you should record "cones" or "seconds", annotate your penalty numbers with "c" for cones, "g" for gates, or "s" for seconds if that is what you use.
  8. No matter what, write each time somewhere. If you don't have the timing card or form for the finishing car, write down the time and car info on a scrap of paper so you can come back to it later. The timing display will clear as more cars run, and that time will disappear.
  9. If you total the time plus penalty seconds and write that in the total column, please be accurate.
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