Announcer Instructions

  1. Know how to read the timing box; which display holds the time for the car just finished, and which holds the time for the car just before it.
  2. Announce each car's time promptly as it finishes.
  3. Announce (in order) the class, car number, driver name, and the time (with penalties if applicable and available). You may be providing information to the Posting personnel, so try to give them what they need.
  4. Remember that your first duty is to provide information, entertainment value is secondary.
  5. Know what the buttons on the timing box are for; for a JAC box these are RS (Reset Start), RF (Reset Finish), S (Start), F (Finish), and Init. Before the runs begin, think about how each one would be used. Hint: you'll virtually never use the Start button.
  6. Make sure the timing box is on and initialized (cleared) before the first car runs.
  7. Watch that the number of cars running is the same as the number of clocks running on the timing box.
  8. Do not hesitate to announce for assistance if needed or to “Hold the Start” if there are problems with the timing equipment.
  9. The Announcer’s job is a lot of responsibility, but when you have it down pat, it can also be a lot of fun!