Course Worker Instructions

  1. Come prepared for changing weather while on station. Take a bathroom break if needed before you go on course.
  2. Check in with the Chief of Workers at the beginning of your work assignment.
  3. Make sure you know which station you are working and where it is.
  4. Make sure you know your area of responsibility and the location of your radio person.
  5. Make sure your station has adequate supplies: extra cones, fire extinguishers, radio, and red flag.
  6. Make sure all the cones in your area are in their proper place when you first come on station and periodically check them all during your work shift.
  7. Spread out to cover your area. Don't cluster together and talk.
  9. Do not use cameras while on a corner station.
  10. Do not sit down or wander away from your station.
  11. Do not pick up hot parts dropped on course because of the risk of burns. Kick them off of the course and pick them up after they have cooled.
  12. Cars may come as quickly as 15-20 seconds. Be alert!! Hustle!
  13. Watch the cones, not the car. As soon as safely possible, check any cone that moved. Reset or replace any cone that moves and indicate penalty or not to your radio person.
  14. Use “safe” signal for no penalty; “touchdown” signal for missed gate; hold up penalty cone(s) or fingers for number of penalty cones. Cone penalty for “down or out” cone (see below). “Gate” penalty for going outside course (and not returning at the exit point)--driving over a line is OK. “DNF” (Did Not Finish) for missing significant portion of the course. (Note: Each cone not correctly negotiated in a slalom is a gate.)
  15. Explain to any red-flagged car why they were stopped. They can exit the course either directly or by driving SLOWLY through the remainder of the course. If red flag was NOT because of anything they did, they get a rerun.
  16. Do not litter. Take garbage with you when you are done.

Cone Penalties (see illustrations below):

A penalty is assessed if:
  • Cone is knocked over (either touching box or not)
  • If a cone is standing but not touching the chalk box
No penalty is assessed if:
  • Cone is standing and touching box
  • Cone is a pointer or directional cone