BSCC, Torque Steerers, NWR-SCCA and Pacific NWR PCA are co-hosting a Women's Practice Day on Saturday July 7th at BMP.
The purpose of the event is to provide women an opportunity to try autocross in a low-pressure environment, to help grow the female participation base in the Northwest Region. The target participant audience is women drivers who are brand new--and relatively new--to autocross.  Experienced female competitors will be on hand to help/instruct/encourage, and guys are welcome as volunteer workers so the gals can focus on the driving part.
The event schedule is as follows:

Event Schedule

  • Registration: 8:00am – 8:45am
  • Tech inspection: 8:05am – 8:50am
  • Guided Course Walk: 9:00am
  • Drivers Meeting: 9:30am
  • First car out: 9:45am
  • Run for 2hrs – Workers will be split into 1hr shifts

                LUNCH: Volunteers run for 1hr.

  • Gals Run for 2hrs (depending on interest)
  • Volunteers run for 1 hr at end of day (depending on interest)

More information is available here: