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Western Washington Sports Car Council - Next up: BEAC Enduro Lite 6/16














  Next up on the WWSCC Schedule is BEAC's Enduro Lite, at Sanderson Field in Shelton on Saturday June 16th.  This is event #3 in the WWSCC Series for 2018, and that means the morning is Stock and the afternoon is non-Stock.  Specific run/work order details are below.

        Enduro Lite is a unique event in that you leave the start line, take an un-timed practice lap, and the continue on around the course for two consecutive timed laps.  Then you go back to Grid and do it one more time.  You get to feel what your car will do when the tires are really warm, and try out the unique challenge of making driving approach adjustments on the fly as you come into your second lap.

        Entry fee is $35, $30 if you are pre-registered.  Double entries will be permitted.  Because the format of this event is more time-consuming than normal, there is an entry cap of 100.  Morning Registration and Tech will be open 7:30-8:30; afternoon will be 11:30-12:30.  Mandatory driver's meetings will be 9:00 a.m. for the morning groups, and 1pm for the afternoon.  You can register using the Online Registration link at the left, or here.

Run/work order is:

     Run 1, Work 2: WSS, SA, WSB, SC, SD, WSE, SR, WPRO1, TOAM
     Run 2, Work 1: SS, WSA, SB, WSC, WSD, SE, WSR, PRO1, TOAM, WNOVAM, NOVAM
     Run 1, Work 2: WIA, WIB, WIC, MA, MB, PA, PB, PC, WOS, WST2, ST3, ST4, WPRO2, TOPM, WNOVPM, NOVPM
     Run 2, Work 1: IA, IB, IC, WM, WP, OS, ST2, WST3, WST4, PRO2, TOPM

Special Instructions for Enduro Lite are as follows:

1) This is a consecutive-laps event.  The driver will be given two separate attempts, each of which consists of leaving the staging line, a practice lap, and then two consecutive individually timed and scored laps.  After the first of these the driver should return to Grid and wait for the second opportunity.

2) If a driver hits too many cones (> 3) or misses too much of the course on the practice lap, he/she may be red-flagged and re-started at the RESTART position, thus losing the "flying start" on the first/next timed lap.

3)  Competitors are (as always) responsible for knowing the correct course route.  If a driver gets seriously lost on the practice and/or first timed lap, he/she may be red-flagged so workers can tell them what they're missing, and they'll then be re-started at the RESTART position.  This is at BEAC's discretion. 

4) The competitor is also ultimately responsible for knowing what lap he/she is on, and knowing when to exit. If a driver takes too many “official” laps, and it's not the fault of the worker turning the Go Again / Exit (or other designated) indicator, the 2nd official lap of the attempt will be scored as a DNF.

5) Passengers are not permitted except in cases of being lost on course (when an instructor may accompany a “lost” driver to show them where to go), as provided by the WWSCC rules.

6) Grid will be in rows of fixed locations (“parking stalls”), and cars will generally be called from front of Grid to back; drivers should keep track of when their turn is, according to the defined sequence.  The first driver in multiple-driver cars will normally be called to the Start early in the heat.

7) All cars for a given heat must be in an appropriate Grid location before that heat begins running.

8) A driver may take the practice lap as slowly or as quickly as desired, though there may be another car on course, finishing its 2nd timed lap, coming up behind the starting car so it’s best not to dawdle too much.

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