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Western Washington Sports Car Council - New Website!

This new website has been in testing for a couple of months, and there may be a few things that aren't correctly linked (please tell me if you find any!), but it's time to move the website to the 2010's!

The new website is now using a content management system, which means that people don't necessarily have to wait on me to create or edit pages, we now can have anyone author new content that can be reviewed and published. In fact, most of the pages on the site are now editable — if you have the correct permissions. Also, authors can pre-create articles to be published after a certain date and time, and articles can be set to automatically expire. There's a lot that we can do now, and we'll be extending much of this functionality in the not-to-distant future (such as a direct link for club reps to add their events to the WWSCC calendar, and a link for event chairs to post event information much faster than I've been able to do it).

I hope you enjoy the new site, and please let us know at how we can improve the site!

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